Their arrogance

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Fri Apr 12 00:09:22 MDT 2002

Many Bahrainis were enraged on Wednesday when U.S. envoy Ronald Neumann
asked a school gathering to observe a minute of silence for Israelis killed
by Palestinians after a student asked the group to pay tribute to
Palestinians killed by Israel.

A leading Bahraini newspaper demanded a public apology from the ambassador
for "insulting" Bahrainis.

Several peaceful rallies have been held in Bahrain and other Gulf states
since Israel launched its military assault.

The above report is from the indymedia site.  I hope it does not go all
strange when I post it. Sorry if it does Lou.

I have snipped it because it epitomises for me the dialectical weakness of
American power.  They have become totally overbearing in their
arrogance.  So sycophantic have the Arab leaders been that the American
ambassador feels he can urinate on Arab anger and indignation at the
slaughter of Palestinians.

The result in Bahrain has been thousands of students and schoolchildren on
the streets striving to lay siege to the American Embassy.

The demonstrations in Bahrain have been very significant.  Of course they
are virtually unreported here.  But it is such actions that hold the key to
the defeat of the Israeli government.



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