What a coincidence... "Oil prices fell heavily on Friday..."

Marc Rodrigues cuito61 at onebox.com
Fri Apr 12 15:17:33 MDT 2002

What a coincidence that there is a coup in Venezuela, head state of OPEC
and the number 3 supplier of oil to the U.S, after Iraq has pledged to
limit oil exports, thus raising the price of oil, in protest of the actions
of the Israeli state.

What a coincidence that a democratically-elected president is taken out
of power, quite probably with U.S. involvement.  What a coincidence that
the U.S. would not be very friendly with a leader with enough balls,
dignity, and independence of thought to rightly criticize the "War on
Terrorism" for what it really is.

What a coincidence that there is a coup in Venezuela, when Chavez was
one of the first non-white presidents of that nation, when he has forged
a friendship with Fidel Castro, and when he is actually a progressive
thinking leader of a country of the global south, rather than a puppet
of the interests of the U.S. ruling elite.

What a coincidence that the U.S. seeks to increase its presence in Venezuela's
neighbor Colombia, also for the purposes of acquiring oil and crushing
progressive political movements.

What a coincidence that the interim puppet (president) was/is head of
an outfit called the "Business Leader's Association."

What a coincidence that Venezuela has vast oil resources, yet 80% of
its people live in poverty, and that Chavez enjoyed immense popularity
for pledging to address the concerns of this vast majority of people,
most of them members of Venezuela's large African population and other
people of color.

What a coincidence.  And what a coincidence that this report should come
out today: "Oil Slumps After Venezuela's Chavez Exits" [http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/business/business-markets-oil.html].

I guess it's not much of a coincidence at all.  It's actually more of
the same old thing.

Salvador Allende, Maurice Bishop, Jacobo Arbenz, Patrice Lumumba... Hugo
Chavez... when will it stop?

Marc Rodrigues
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