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Sat Apr 13 02:11:11 MDT 2002

From: Louis Proyect
> I don't support the "Permanent Revolution theory". I support the concrete
> analysis of concrete class relations.

The actual significance of the DSP "stages theory" is that it marks the
point when the DSP formally moved from the schematic approach of the
"Permanent Revolution theory" to "the concrete analysis of concrete class

The actual historical analysis is actually somewhat secondary to the
methodological shift.

Having said that, I am not certain that the original documents were clear on
this aspect.  They may have actually presented the issue as something of a
counter-schema.  I don't have them around to check.

I wouldn't be surprised if the US SWP didn't have an "alternative schema"
approach.  If there was an ambiguity in the initial presentation of the
analysis, it would be quite likely that the SWP would have developed one
aspect of it, while the DSP developed another.

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