Coup in Venezuela: an eyewitness account (posted on WSN)

Sherry & Stan Goff sherrynstan at
Sat Apr 13 07:17:59 MDT 2002

I know there are plenty of writers on this list.  Since we all have time to
sit at our computers (and this is good), might I humbly suggest that we each
pound out a mere 700-800 words on the reality in Venezuela (perhaps even
sharing some talking points) and submit dozens of guest columns to the local
newspapers.  I do this from time to time, and while the corporate press is
ovewhelming us with Chavez' "resignation", my own experience is that I
occasionally get through.

I'll be doing mine today.  700 words.  Accessible language.  There was no
resignation.  It was a coup.  Arbnez, Allende, Chavez.  Chaves did NOT
violate either law or constitution.  Chavez DID make some valuable changes
(from the people's point of view).  CIA/NED fingerprints everywhere.  Oil

Let's take this conversation out of the circle.

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