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> From: Louis Proyect
> Individual human beings carry out the concrete analysis of concrete
> class relations, not organizations. As long as you have 500 people
> walking around saying exactly the same thing about the superiority of
> Lenin to Trotsky on permanent revolution, the need for UN troops in
> Australia, voting for the MDC in Zimbabwe, etc., conditions have been
> created that are inimical to such thinking.

But why and how are 500 people saying exactly the same thing?  Could it be
that they have all read the concrete analysis that an individual has carried
out?  Or even read the analyses that several individuals have carried out?
Should all 500 be expected to suddenly become experts on the Russian
Revolution, East Timor, or Zimbabwe?  Or is it reasonable that they might
listen to the opinions of, say, Pat Bond on Zimbabwe, or the East Timorese
liberation movement on East Timor?

Oddly enough, if it had ever been an issue while I was in the DSP, I'm sure
_my_ opinion on Papua New Guinea would have been influential.  Why?  Because
I actually knew a little about the topic.  On the other hand, I know sod all
about Colombia or, say, Palestine, and I will listen to other people's

> Look at the Russian social democracy and you will see strong-minded people
> determined to speak out: Bukharin, Preobrezhensky, Trotsky, Zinoviev, et
> al.

Who were, of course, all leaders, whose analyses were taken seriously by

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