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On Sat, 13 Apr 2002 18:11:11 +1000, Alan Bradley wrote:
>The actual significance of the DSP "stages
>theory" is that it marks the point when the DSP
>formally moved from the schematic approach of
>the "Permanent Revolution theory" to "the
>concrete analysis of concrete class relations".

Individual human beings carry out the concrete analysis of concrete
class relations, not organizations. As long as you have 500 people
walking around saying exactly the same thing about the superiority of
Lenin to Trotsky on permanent revolution, the need for UN troops in
Australia, voting for the MDC in Zimbabwe, etc., conditions have been
created that are inimical to such thinking. Genuine revolutionary
parties will not only contain a diversity of opinions, but attract
individuals who are passionate about those opinions. Look at the
Russian social democracy and you will see strong-minded people
determined to speak out: Bukharin, Preobrezhensky, Trotsky, Zinoviev,
et al.

My guess is that the same thing happened in the DSP that happened in
the SWP. Cadres who had spent the entire adult life defending
Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution all of a sudden realized the
error of their ways as soon as Barnes or Percy had. This is not the
way a revolutionary organization should function.

These god-forsaken Trotskyist and post-Trotskyist parties have a crew
at the top that is paid to think for the ranks. Granted the pay is
not very good, but at least you can make your own hours.

When I hear Norm Dixon saying something like, "Here's my own take on
that question...", I'll be convinced that serious Marxist analysis is
taking place. Of course, the rules of "Democratic centralism" make
that impossible.

This is a contradiction understood by few. Socialist revolution is a
collective activity with merciless discipline. The Marxist thought
that makes it possible is done by individuals.

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 04/13/2002

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