Collapsing coup?

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at
Sat Apr 13 20:26:40 MDT 2002

Regardless of how the Venezuelan coup eventually plays out,
today's events are certainly going to provide much grist for
our analytic mills.  Doesn't the following reming people
of the events of 1945 in Argentina when elements of the
military attempted to oust Juan Peron from his cabinet
posts but was restored to power following days of
massive protests by labor groups?

Jim Farmelant
Reuters. 13 April 2002. Chavez Deputy Says Assumes Venezuelan

CARACAS -- As Venezuela's one-day old interim government struggled to
keep its grip on power on Saturday, the former deputy of ousted leader
Hugo Chavez said he was temporarily assuming the country's presidency.

"I, Diosdado Cabello, am assuming the presidency until such time as the
president of the republic, Hugo Chavez Frias, appears," Cabello, who
served as vice president until Chavez was overthrown in a military coup
on Friday, told local Union Radio.

"Institutional order will be restored and is being restored at this
moment," he said.

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