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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sat Apr 13 17:08:10 MDT 2002

I agree with Lou in this spat over democratic centralism and the DSP, as is
my wont.  Alan defends the DSP as is his wont. So far all the moves in this
debate are very predictable. However although neither Alan nor I are
members of the DSP, it looms large in the life of any Marxist in
Australia.  Quite simply it is all there is since the ISO plunged into
self-mutilation led by the ultra-sectarian Ian Rintoul cheered on by some
idiot from the British ISO.

It is my opinion that the DSP has thrown a life line to the ISO in the form
of the Socialist Alliance, but it is pointless trying to argue that with
any member of the DSP. Democratic centralism lives. Lou has said in the
past that the Percy Brothers almost broke with Barnes' methods but not
quite. That failure is tragic actually just as was Tony Cliff's turn to
ultra-Leninism - a turn that in Australia prepared the way for the rise of
a talentless moron like Rintoul.

The tragedy lies in the fact that both the ISO and the DSP are still locked
on to a historical model of Bolshevism, which as Lou has shown owes more to
Zinoviev than Lenin. Moreover it was never appropriate in Zinoviev's time
and it is even less so now.

Nevertheless on my campus the organising around Palestine will be carried
out by the DSP.  The public demonstration coming up would not take place
without them.

So much is true and has to be said.



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