Venezuela: coup falling apart?

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sat Apr 13 22:27:05 MDT 2002

    News from Venezuela tonite is surprising.

    There has been a massive mobilization of Chavez's supporters. Dozens
wounded, several dead. The yanqui puppet "interim president" has resigned
after the National Assembly -composed in its majority of Chávez supporters-
was able to meet & ruled that Chávez's vp was the legitmate interim
president until chávez could return to the full exercise of his powers. The
army gral. staff appears to be backtracking, issuing a communiqué pledging
to respect the assembly and Supreme Court.

    NOW that the coup appears to be falling apart, the Organization of
American States (aka "Ministerio de colonias yanqui" -- Che) is urgently
sending a mission headed by former Colombian Prexy César Gaviria to Caracas
in the a.m. He will undoubtedly seek concessions and guarantees for those
who tried to overthrow the legally established, constituional authorities.


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