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Sun Apr 14 00:18:38 MDT 2002

[Notice how Chavez's resignation that all the headlines and gasbags on TV
proclaimed yesterday has almost completely disappeared. It seems the reports
of the Bolivarian revolution's demise were greatly exaggerated. I can't wait
for the payback!]

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    CARACAS, April 14 (AFP) - Here the main events of the crisis
that has shaken Venezuela for the past four days:

    Thursday, April 11:
    - Business and union leaders demand the resignation of President
Hugo Chavez before a crowd of 50,000 people. The government urges
supporters to back Chavez.
    - Chavez orders a suspension of broadcasts by private television
networks opposed to him.
    - Pro-government and opposition demonstrators face off in
Caracas. At least 15 people are killed and almost 100 are wounded.
    - A group of 10 top military officials declare their opposition
to Chavez.
    - Leading military officials in the Chavez government announce
their resignation.

    Friday, April 12:

    - Army commander General Efrain Vazquez announces that Chavez
wants to resign. It is announced that business leader Pedro Carmona
will replace him.
    - Carmona assumes power and announces new presidential elections
in a year.
    - Latin American leaders meeting in Costa Rica for a trade
summit denounce the breakdown of constitutional order in Venezuela.
    - The interim government announces a reorganization of
institutions of power.
    - Carmona revokes 49 controversial laws adopted during Chavez's
    - The National Assembly is dissolved.

    Saturday, April 13:

    - Disturbances break out in the capital and other parts of
country. At least three people are killed.
    - The commander of a brigade of paratroopers in Maracay refuses
to recognize orders of the interim government.
    - Chavez is transferred to the island of Orchila, in the
Caribbean Sea.
    - Hundreds of supporters of Chavez march towards the
presidential palace.
    - Carmona takes refuge at Tiuna Fort, southwest of Caracas.
    - Members of the Chavez cabinet install themselves in the
residential palace.
    - Carmona announces the restoration of the National Assembly.
    - The Chavez cabinet hold a meeting in the presidential palace.
    - Hector Navarro, the higher education minister in the Chavez
cabinet, says  loyal forces demanded the president's release before
0200 GMT on Sunday to avoid military action.
    - Carmona resigns the interim presidency.
    - Diosdado Cabello, vice president in the Chavez government, is
sworn in as acting president.
    - Carmona is arrested along with his cabinet and general staff.
    - General Lucas Rincon returns to the post of armed forces
    - Cabello promises to restore constitutional order and assures
his presidential tenure will be brief.
    - A delegation of supporters travels to the island of Orchila to
bring Chavez back to Caracas.

    Sunday, April 14:

    - Chavez leaves Orchila Island aboard a helicopter and heads to
Caracas, according to Labor Minister Maria Cristina Iglesias.

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