Letter from Detroit Committee for Global Justice to A20 organizers

John Cox hazel_motes52 at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 14 07:57:25 MDT 2002

An Open Letter for Unity on A20 and Justice in

To all organizers and participants in the upcoming
march on Washington,

As activists who are opposed to Bush's war moves
around the world, who are opposed to the destructive
economic policies of the International Monetary Fund
and World Bank and who are opposed to the growing
atmosphere of repression against dissent, we have been
eagerly building for the weekend of A20 in our
localities. We want to see the biggest and broadest
turnout of all those committed to global peace and
justice from across the country.

The recent events in the Middle East have made it even
more clear the pressing need to build a large, vocal
and broad movement against war and global injustice
here in the United States. Israel's outrageous
invasion of the West Bank, the destruction of
Palestinian homes, schools and government buildings,
the humiliating siege placed on Yasir Arafat and other
leaders of the Palestinian Authority, and the
widespread human rights abuses, including reports of
Israeli Defense Force massacres against civilians, all
with US support and funding from our tax dollars has
made it clear that the priority on April 20th is

Sharon's aggression against the Palestinian people
poses the greatest threat to peace right now in the

We are writing to ask the organizers and all those
building for April 20 to prioritize the following

 Stop all U.S aid to Israel
 End the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and
Gaza Strip
 For the right of return for all Palestinian
 For the self-determination of the Palestinian

We want to also reiterate the call for unity on April
20th. Many Palestinian solidarity groups have endorsed
the Stop the War coalition and others have endorsed
International ANSWER. A concrete plan for bringing
together both marches sometime in the day of April
20th is needed.

All those who agree with this letter are encouraged to
sign on. Please send your endorsement to
detroitcgj at yahoo.com, aprilmobilization at nyspc.net,
ANSWER at afgj.org

The Detroit Committee for Global Justice
detroitcgj at yahoo.com

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