The dawn of a new epoch in Venezuelan history

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sun Apr 14 08:17:06 MDT 2002

"Never before in modern times has an elected president been
overthrown by military commanders, his successor inaugurated, and
then the ousted leader returned to power on the wings of a popular
uprising." --The Associated Press

* * *

    Today a new epoch has dawned in Venezuelan history.

    The lying imperialist press gave us only the barest glimpses of the
tremendous popular explosion that sent the bourgeois military-civilian junta
flying in the air, shattered in a thousand pieces. But the events speak for
themselves. The mighty hand of a popular uprising rose out from the capital,
the other cities and the countryside, smashed the counterrevolutionary plot
with one blow, and reached out to the Caribean island where the military had
imprisoned the President, plucking him from the clutches of the traitors and
restoring him to Miraflores Palace.

    Formally, we have "a restoration of constitutional order", but that is
not the essence of the matter.

    The legitimacy of the Chávez presidency and the Bolivarian Revolution
now rests not merely on the half dozen elections the President and his
supporters have won, but on a much higher, more direct, and more solid
expression of democracy: a popular uprising.

    With the massive entry of working people onto the stage of political
life in a direct and decisve action against the naked dictatoship of their
class enemy, represented by none other than the head the Chamber of Commerce
and Industry, Venezuelan history is now divided into two parts: before the
14th of April, and after.

    Before the 14th of April, Venezuela lived under the dictartoship of the
capitalists headed by the American Imperialism. That was true even though in
the past three and a half years, a revolutionary process led by the elected
president of the country sought to benefit working people by limiting the
privileges and prerogatives of the dictators.

    Now a stage is opened up where it will be possible to move directly
against the dictatorship of capital itself, to create a popular
revolutionary government, to put the revolution itself --the masses-- in

    It is the springtime of the people in Caracas. Working people the world
over salute our victorious class brothers and sisters in Venezuela, pledge
their aid, and wish them Godspeed in sweeping the rest of the imperialist
and capitalist trash in that country to join that one-day wonder, the
military-civilian junta, in the dustbin of history.


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