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Sun Apr 14 16:10:00 MDT 2002

The last three days had been of great inspiration for all of us.
Hopefully, cynics will leave their smirk smiles and realize that the
"end of history" did not happen and that class struggle is alive and

The poor, the downtrodden, the workers and Indians and Blacks of
Venezuela shook the world with their three days of insurrectionary
activity, defeating a coup d'etat engineered by the US Embassy and the
Venezuelan oligarchy and layers of the labor bureaucracy of the CTV,
supported by layers of the racist and arrogant middle classes.

News from Venezuela will continue to break the blockade to the truth
imposed by the corporate news services around the world.  The world will
learn about the rank and file soldiers who revolted and arrested their
officers; of the parachuters who distributed weapons among the poor in
Caracas; of the left wing commandos from left organizations who took
over the TV and radio stations; from the peasants, slum dwellers and
workers who assaulted selectively all the shops and markets of the

These events took by surprise the rebel militarymen, the US embassy and
even Chavez government officials who first hide and then came out to
ride the wave of popular insurrection that defeated the coup.  Even
Chavez should be re-thinking now what he once said: "civilians only get
on the way."

But the process is not finished, the tasks are not completed.
Hopefully, the lessons of previous revolutionary processes will be
learned and people will not accept compromises, national unity and
disarmament of those who armed themselves to fight back.  The reservoirs
of revolutionary potential are still there and the iron is still hot.

I look forward for the massive march of peasants demanding a true
agrarian revolution against the "Llanero" oligarchy, the rank and file
workers overthrowing their traitorous labor leaders of the CTV, the
military officials put on trial for treason and the Venezuelan oligarchy
and the US interests transformed into public ownership and the popular
sectors keeping the weapons they got two days ago.

After all, there are plenty of customers, other than the US, for the
immense oil and gas reserves of Venezuela.


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