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Sun Apr 14 15:47:44 MDT 2002

 Hi Zak,

thanks for your comments on my query about the old

You wrote:
>However, in no sense are prisons simply reducible to another 
cog in the machine of commodity production. They serve a system which
on coercion and punitive discipline, primarily to deal with lower class 
rabble, a product of capitalist production relations.<

You seem to be really interested in understanding the living conditions of
the so-called "Lumpenproletariat" (The German language can be so
charming!). There´s an interesting article by an American marxist
sociologist called Erik Olin Wright who tries to analyse on a theoretical
level the causes and implications of those conditions. He even explains why
building prisons is indeed a way of dealing with "lower class rabble". The
title is "The Class Analysis of Poverty" and can be found in E.O. Wright,
Interrogating Inequality. Essays in Class Analysis, London/New York 1995.


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