Chavez supporters party

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AFP. 14 April 2002. Chavez supporters party.

CARACAS -- Clad in red berets and waving Venezuelan flags, hundreds of
people celebrated outside Venezuela's presidential palace Sunday, in
testimony to the popularity that helped sweep President Hugo Chavez back
to power after a two-day coup.

"We haven't budged from here, the victory is ours," said Eyuminada
Bolivar, 50, who said she had been posted outside the presidential
palace since dawn, shortly after Chavez returned to office and delivered
an emotional hour-long speech.

Residents of modest neighborhoods of Caracas and other cities of
Venezuela held an impromptu party outside the presidential offices, with
music blasting and food for sale.

Posters carried by the crowd and slogans painted on surrounding walls
read "It's a class struggle," "Out with the coup participants," "Down
with tyranny," and "Viva Chavez."

Many members of the crowd called for justice for the military officers
and business leaders who ousted Chavez early Friday, in the shortest
coup in Latin American history.

"Where is the OAS and human rights?" read graffiti in red paint sprawled
on the wall of a building in downtown Caracas.

Wearing a red beret, the symbol of Chavez's Fifth Republic political
movement, Aurora Urbina, 47, proudly carried an enormous photo of her

"They kidnapped him, the rich wanted to snatch him away from us, but we
have gotten him back," she said.

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