Re.: Fracas in Caracas A TEST

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Apr 15 02:27:44 MDT 2002

Dear Comrades,
I am so happy you are there so I can share
my amusement with you over such utterances as the following:

New York Times scribe Larry Rohter writes from Chile:

“The initial American stance on the recent events in
Venezuela stand in marked contrast to the Clinton
administration's position when a similar military uprising
occurred in Ecuador in January 2000. After soldiers and
Indians overthrew a pro-American president, Jamil
Mahuad, State Department officials called the new junta
and told its members that Ecuador would become a pariah
state, deprived of all financial aid, unless power was
handed over to the civilian vice president — and it was.”

New York Times, April 15, 2002
“Fear of Loss of Democracy Led Neighbors to Aid Return”

What was the most probable reason for the big difference between US
reaction to the coup cases of Ecuador and Venezuela? :

            a.  the Clinton administration

            b.  a pro-American president

Answer: _________

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