Sharon the Butcher of Sabra and Chatilla

Sherry & Stan Goff sherrynstan at
Mon Apr 15 04:48:30 MDT 2002

> George Bush's best friend, the Prime Minister of Israel, Adolf
> Sharon, is a mass murderer, a killer of kids, a war criminal -
> every bit as guilty as Slobodan Milosevic - for his part in
> butchering thousands of refugees in the Sabra and Chatila camps
> twenty years ago.

I hope people will read this carefully before forwarding it to those who are
not accustomed as we are on this list to separating the wheat from the
chaff.  Attacking one bourgeois lie (that Sharon is leading a defensive war)
with another equally destructive bourgeois lie (that Milosevic is a war
criminal) is not helpful.  Neither is falling into the trap of personalizing
politics to the exclusion of presenting an interpretation of the class
forces that underwrite these public figures.

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