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Mon Apr 15 05:05:36 MDT 2002

Shades of 1994 in Haiti, when in response to the Haitian masses call for
"justice", the US military coordinated a massive PR campaign around the
notion of "reconciliation."  Once Aristide bought that line, a downhill
slide began, one that has never been reversed, and two weeks ago the corrupt
and disorganized Fanmi Lavalas government accepted the whole neoliberal
shebang.  If Chavez, whom we all rightly admire right now, does the same, be
very afraid.  Aristide's failure was a failure of nerve (with a heavy dose
of personal ambition and opportunism).  He failed to use the popular power
he wielded to break his opposition and move forward.  Chavez now has that
power, and if he fails to mobilize that power to uproot the bourgeois
opposition, he will go the way of Peron, of Sun Yat-sen, and of Aristide.

"Some people thnk we can make the revolution while the bourgeoisie is
asleep.  But the bourgeoisie never sleeps.  So we have to make the
revolution right in front of its face."

So says a comrade in Haiti.

I am as delighted as everyone about the reversal of this inept State
Department plot, and I don't want to throw cold water on anyone.  But if
Chavez' government doesn't ruthlessly purge the administration and the
military of the coup plotters, the mafia union of its leadership, and jail
the bourgeois financiers of this counter-revolution, all will NOT be well.
He has the power, and his worst error would be not to use it.

The Bolivarians can not afford to give a shit about how the US press/DOS
spins it.  The Haitian proverb recurs:  If you DON'T say good morning to the
devil, he will eat you.  If you DO say good morning to the devil, he will
eat you.

A joke Ben Dupuy, the Secretary General of Haiti's National Popular Party,
told me:

Q:  Why has there never been a coup in theUnited States?

A:  There is no US Embassy there.

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