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Mon Apr 15 06:18:54 MDT 2002

Hi Julian,
Cheers for that- yup, I am interested in the status of the
'lumpenproletariat'. It seems to me that as unemployment escalates, and
large sections of the population are confined to ghettoes without
representation, without union, without a present or a future, it is
necessary to understand and align ourselves with those elements. In my own
country, the worst (political) violence in recent years has indeed come from
working class housing estates where unemployment and crime is rife. It seems
that large sections of the population have no stake in society at all, and
instead wind up, a lot of the time, getting caught up in drug-dealing or
paramilitary activities, both a product of a certain local economy.
What I am interested in is how the urban underclass finds itself in such a
desparate situation, but can seemingly find no way out, other than, perhaps,
the army, the paramilitaries, or prison. I will certainly check out Wright's
article. I wonder how marxist revolutionaries have dealt with this issue in
the past. I think it is a grave mistake to view this class as parasitical
of, or opposed to, real class politics. I think for any Western
revolutionary organisation to achieve power requires the support and
cooperation of the most disinherited members of society.
all the best,

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