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Dear All,

We hope this note finds you well.

Palestine is on the frontlines.  The outcome of that struggle is
crucial not only to the Palestinians and Israelis, but to the future
course of Bush's "war on terrorism."  On our Website you can download
a two-page (or back-to-back) leaftlet on Palestine and distribute it
either by email or in hard copy as widely as you wish.  It is located
at <>.

That leaftlet consists of the Palestine coverage that appears in the
new issue of War Times, which will be off the press on April 12.  If
you wish to distribute 25 or more copies, please email us IMMEDIATELY
at distribution at

The issue also covers: Bush's dangerous new nuclear policies, a
powerful anti-war statement by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney,
excerpts from an interview with a senior UN arms inspector in Iraq,
an update on secret detentions and the case of Rabbih Haddad, an
article about Youth Facing War in East Los Angeles, and a piece about
anti-war activity in the labor movement.

We are also still in great need of funds to keep going.
Tax-deductible donations can be made to War Times at our website,, or by writing a check to EBC/War Times and sending
it to 1230 Market Street, PMB 409, San Francisco, CA 94102.

We thank you for all of your efforts for peace and justice, and for
your ongoing support of War Times.


The War Times Staff

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