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It sounds like everyone on the list is cheering at once. I think the 
defense of the Venezualan revolution is a practical issue of immense 
importance to everyone on this list - one on which this list and its 
members can have an important impact.

The defeat of the CIA organized coup in Venezuela is a great victory 
for the poor and working class masses of Caracas, for the people of 
Venezuela - for all of Latin America, and for our side worldwide.

It could become a turning point in Latin America - where imperialisms 
program has broken down economically and politically. Argentina and 
now Venezuela have torn the mask off of the pretentions of 
imperialism to be leading the world into a prosperous and democratic 
future. Those twin illusions, never deeply held ones among the 
working class and the poor, have given way to a determination to 
fight back - and a hope that something better can be made of the 

The big quesiton is, what next?

Can pandora's box be closed? Or will it stay irrevocably open for all 
of the demons of the revolution escape and throouroughly cleanse 
Venezuelan society of the parasitical and corrupt compradores, 
landowners, and office boys.

The United States, and the ruling classes of other Latin American 
countries have bravely come out in favor of conciliation with Hugo 
Chaves. For the moement, they have no other choice.

What will Chaves do?

What will the masses who came out into the streets to defeat the coup 

What will the soldiers who sided with them do?

Chaves is been widley quoted in all hte press of Colombia speaking 
for 'rectification' - which the press ehre interprets as 
'self-rectification' by Chaves of his errors. Chaves may be looking 
for reconciliaiton within the military, and between the military and 
the Venezuelan oligarchy. Or, Chaves may have learned that his errors 
lay in not cleaning the shit from under the kitchen table. 

In any case, Chaves may not have a lot of room to maneuver, since the 
'street' -demoonstrated by the sacking of the oligarchic news media - 
has clearly spoken in favor not only of Chaves return - but of a 
serious housecleaning.

Will Chaves try to resist the pressure of the street? Or will he 
allow it to push the revolution forward?

Will Chaves prosecute the leaders of the coup?

Will Chaves stick to his guns in the reform of the management of 

Will Chaves accelerate and deepen land reform?

Will Chaves welcome and encourage the continued selff roganization 
and self-mobilization of the working class masses?

If Chaves does not, what will the working class and the poor do?

Although every revolution has its own rhythm, its own personality, 
its own peculiarities, sometimes the similarites should not be 
avoided. The Venezualan revolution, had its 'February' in the 
Caracazo. It has its Kerensky in Chaves, and it has its Kornilov in 
Carmona. After the defeat of the Russian Karmona - the October 
Revolution was on the agenda.

Clearly, the Venezualan revolution is headed toward a new crisis in 
which it will either transform itself into a real social revolution - 
and send the 'business community' and much of civil society flying to 
Miami - the revolution will be defeated, as the CIA and coterie 
planned for last time. 

One element of that crisis will almost certainly be the issue of 
Venezuela and Colombia. What was imperialism's Plan B in the event 
that the coup failed?

It might be war between Colombia -backed by the USA, and Venezuela - 
backed by the Latin American revolution.

Will the Venezuelan revolution by outgunned, as was the Nicarguan 

Or can that outcome be avoided with forsight, and international 
cooperation among the supporters of the revolution outside of 

I think this list begin to play a new role, that it hasn't usually 
played before.

List members should be proud because this list provided the most 
accurate, up-to-date, news and analysis of Venezuela available 

But now we have a common issue we can all agree on: defending the 
Venezuelan revolution. And it is an issue that already is clearly 
understood to be linked to the rest of Latin America.

We are at an important crossroads.

Alll the best, Anthony

WASHINGTON. El jefe del Ejército de Venezuela, general Efraín 
Vásquez, y el general Ramírez Poveda, dos de los actores principales 
en el cambio de gobierno de su país, son ex alumnos de la Escuela de 
las Américas del Ejército de EEUU.

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 04/15/2002

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