The Return of Anthony McIntyre

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At 09:39 AM 4/15/2002, Domhnall wrote:
 >Once again you see fit to post stuff by this character.
 >During the military campaign he was counselling a
 >ceasefire. As soon as the ceasefire was announced, he
 >started shouting about sell-outs.

I can't speak for McIntyre, but my interpretation of what he's written now
and in the past suggests that at some point he began to see that the
military campaign was going nowhere.  So it's not the ceasefire he
disagrees with, it's what has followed.

The INLA simply declared a ceasefire and left it at that.  The Provos could
have done the same.  There was nothing requiring them to take part in an
imperialist "peace process", take positions in a British executive, or even
adopt neo-liberal economics.  I think it's that which McIntyre is attacking.

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