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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Tue Apr 16 01:05:30 MDT 2002

The NEW YORK TIMES stands revealed as the EL MERCURIO del NORTE.

Like the Nixon/Kissinger couple in 1973, the Bush guys seem to have been
pretty cozy with the Caracas coup clique.
Like EL MERCURIO the trusted cheerleader and media mouthpiece for
Pinochet’s junta, the capital city of capitalism’s daily paper-of-record
stays its course despite being caught with its knickerbockers down.
Its Tuesday Editorial admits the newspaper’s bosses cheered the
overthrow of Hugo Chávez—while out of the other side of its mouth it
allows that “Forcibly unseating a democratically elected leader, no
matter how badly he has performed, is never something to cheer.”  Oops,
two Hail Marys?  Um, so what are they, deranged?  Are there multiple
personalities in charge of the editor’s brain?  Now that President
Chávez is back, they have the audacity to bid him how to behave, as if
they haven’t indelibly incriminated themselves for all the world to
see.  Who wants their advice? They prevaricate like pederast priests
intoning against sexual indulgence while caught in flagrante delicto.
Do they have no shame?  What a gaggle of twisted twits!  What an
outstanding claque of absolutely incorrigible scoundrels!  What a fine
model for their class in both New York, the White House—and the
compradors of Caracas.

The good cop of the twin constables of the status quo at the NYT is the
Op-Ed page’s Paul Krugman.  This leading liberal economist chastises the
Bush Administration for applauding the coup (but not his hosts at the
Times!).  Then he says Chávez, although elected pro forma, is not the
right person to preside over the government of Venezuela because he is a
failure at what he set out to do.  Well, just wait, Paul.  It seems Hugo
still has time.  And perhaps he doesn’t want to do what you want him to
 (we sure hope not!)

Venezuela's Political Turbulence

Losing Latin America
NEW YORK TIMES, April 16, 2002

for more fun, see:
Bush Officials Met With Venezuelans Who Ousted Leader [?oops!]
NEW YORK TIMES, April 16, 2002

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