Thu., 4/18: Peace Activism during the "War on Terrorism"

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Critical Perspectives on Wars, Classes, & Empires

Peace Activism during the "War on Terrorism"

Speaker: Eric Swank

Eric Swank -- a professor of sociology at Morehead State University
and researcher who has published on media portrayals of peace
movements and attitudes of Gulf War protesters -- will discuss his
current research on what motivates anti-war activists.  His talk will
explore the ways in which collective identities, political
conversations, interpretations of the military, outlooks on
authorities, and family upbringings influence the desire to protest
the "War on Terrorism."

(Cf. Prof. Swank's vita: <>)

Thursday, April 18, 5:00 p.m.
115 Stillman, OSU, 1947 College Rd., Columbus, OH

Sponsors: the Student International Forum and Social Welfare Action Alliance.
OSU Campus map: <>.
Calendar of Events: <>.
For more info, contact Yoshie Furuhashi at <furuhashi.1 at> or
614-668-6554; or Keith Kilty at <kilty.1 at> or 614-292-7181.

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