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I was at this demo there were more than 1,500 in attendance rather than the
500 reported below.

Sanctions and boycott of Israeli goods urged at Dublin protest
By Deaglán de Bréadún, Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Sanctions against Israel and a boycott of Israeli goods were urged by
several speakers at a weekend protest in Dublin which called for the Israeli
army to withdraw from the Palestinian territories.

The demonstration attracted a crowd of some 500 people, making it one of the
largest to be held in the capital on a foreign policy issue in recent years.

About half the participants were members of the Palestinian and Muslim
communities. Placards carried slogans such as "End the occupation"; "Stop
US-Israeli terror"; "Victory to the Intifada"; "Stop the Palestinian
holocaust" and "Jerusalem: Forever beloved, forever Palestinian".

Marchers chanted "Freedom for President Arafat"; "Down, down USA"; and "Long
live Palestine". Several banners featured emblems equating the Nazi swastika
with the Star of David.

Green Party TD Mr John Gormley said there was "a type of apartheid" in
operation against Palestinians. Sanctions had been imposed on Iraq and
children were dying.

"If you can impose sanctions on Iraq for breaking UN resolutions, why not
impose sanctions on Israel because they have broken UN resolutions time
after time?" He called on the Government to "get off the fence".

Ms Ronit Lentin, an Israeli peace activist living in Dublin, said there was
"huge opposition" in Israel to what was going on.

She claimed Israeli soldiers were "going into Palestinian homes and stealing
jewellery, stealing money, stealing food" and that they had stolen food from
a supermarket in Ramallah.

Ms Lentin called for international unity "to demand the Israeli army to
withdraw from the territories now, stop the killing now, and allow an
international UN-backed observer force to go into the territories as the
first measure to bring about change, to bring about the end of the appalling
situation as it stands".

The Palestinian delegate-general in Ireland, Mr Ali Halimeh, said the
Israeli army hoped it could destroy the will of the Palestinian people.
"There is no power in this earth which could prevent the Palestinians from
achieving their freedom and independence."

Sheikh Hussain Haloua, Imam of the Muslim community in Dublin, speaking in
Arabic, said the "barbaric" actions of the Sharon government in a land of
three great religions should not be tolerated.

He called on the international community to intervene and assist the
Palestinians to achieve their aspirations and he thanked the Government for
its support for the Palestinian people.

The demonstration was organised by the Alliance for Palestine with the
Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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