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Jim Drysdale jimd48 at btinternet.com
Tue Apr 2 19:10:04 MST 2002

>From Jim Drysdale,

JD:  the, as yet, anonymous lurker poses questions 1 - 3 below.  That the
questions go to the heart of capital and thus capitalist society indicate
that the lurker may be * learning through lurking* very fast indeed.  This,
one surmises, much to the credit of contributors to Marxmail.  Or otherwise?

snip> Hi Louis

I have been mostly lurking and learning on your fine list for a while
now, but I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask. I'd like
though to ask them anonymously for various reasons, one being that I
feel that they are extremely basic but I am quite serious in trying
to find answers. I hope too that I am not wasting your time.

The questions I have, and they aren't related in any way, are:

1 - in any Marxist or socialist model for society, what happens to
the concept of actual currency? Is it eradicated completely, or
reformulated in a manner which would prohibit the accumulation of

2 - What is the most effective counter to the old argument that
people are inherently greedy therefore an altruistic system like
socialism cannot ever work? Is there a good riposte to this at all?

JD:  Together, questions 1 and 2 actually ask, ' what is money* including
*what is capital and how does it accumulate*?   Before offering guidance to
the lurker, could I ask the lurker, in the interests of the continuation of
his / her learning process if they themselves could make inquiries into the
nature of money?
No doubt, like all of us, our friendly lurker understands completely *what
money can do*, including the importance of having access to money, or not,
to the well-being of every man woman and child on the planet.
But, friendly lurker have you, as yet, seriously made inquiries into *the
nature of money*?
Your evolving thought on the matter would assist the delivery of information
to your good self.

3 - Another request for a good counter-argument: many people state
that they understand that freedom under capitalism is merely an
illusion, but they would rather be unfree in the current system (IE
with the US as dominant force and aggressor) than under any one of a
number of people whom the US would list as mortal enemies, for
example Hussein, Castro, Gaddafi, etc.

JD:  Our lurker, unwittingly, or not, by addressing the concept of freedom
goes to the heart of the nature of capital and thus capitalist relations as
opposed to relations that arise as capital declines.  That is, socialism
arises only from within decaying capitalism.
Dear lurker, as, meantime, you inquire into the nature of money and thus
into the nature of capital and its deepening decline you will be lead to a
clearer understanding of the concept of freedom in the higher form of

JD:  awaiting the result of your inquiries before offering further
information.  That is, best practice in the process to awareness.  (i.e.



PS: Dear lurker, Marxmail FAQ's offer relevant information.

PPS:  a hint:....because of the nature of money, capitalist society is the
*only* society to be dominated by money.

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