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Wed Apr 17 06:30:00 MDT 2002

>Monthly Review Press has recently published a book by Rahul Mahajan, titled
>"The New Crusade:  America's War on Terrorism."  The book has been
>well-received  so far.  We sold a lot of copies at the recent socialist
>Scholars Conference in New York City.  Rahul is also a very good speaker.
>Monthly Review is organizing a speaking tour for Rahul.  We would like him
>to go to the Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Oregon area next month sometime.
>What we need are some contacts there, people who might help with the
>arrangements, provide names of possible venues, etc.
>If anyone on the list can help us please email me.  Even if you know someone
>I might contact, that would be great.  Thanks.
>Michael Yates

For comrades who go back to the bad old days of Marxism-International, this
is the same Rahul Mahajan who used to love to give Shining Path hidalgo
Adolfo Olaechea a hard time. I had the great pleasure to talk with him at
the MR party after the Socialist Scholar Conference sessions last saturday.
He is now finishing up a PhD in physics but hopes to become a full-time
journalist and agitator. Let's help him realize his true calling by
contacting Michael Yates about lining up venues, etc. for Rahul.

Louis Proyect
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