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Professor Feinstein wrote:

As for Professor Craven's remarks on jewish collaboration and less that
highest moral policies before and after 1948, the same can be said of any
group that has had or used collaborators.  As he is an expert on Native
American Genocide in North America, I am certain he is aware of similar and
analogous collaboration by varying tribes with colonial settlers, which I
might guess was of some disadvantage to all natives. The recent article in
the Journal of genocide Research about Genocidal policies by the Iroquois
was both interesting, revealing, and unexpected.

Response (Jim Craven):

Absolutely correct. I will be interviewed for a second show this Thursday
at 10 am Eastern Time, this Thursday, at on a show
called "First Voices" on the parallels between Indians and Palestinians. As
in the case of Jews and Palestinians, absolutely we have traitors and
sell-outs who cut special deals for themselves and their families while
aiding and abetting the extermination of what they DARE to call their own
People and blood. We have Indians who promote and reinforce some of the
most vile stereotypes and racism against Indians just as there were
Zionists who supported and even celebrated anti-Semitism as a force driving
Jews to Palestine (see Hannah Arendt, Raul Hilberg, Lenni Brenner, Tom
Segev and others). We have Indians past and present who have themselves
been participants in various atrocities and barbaric practices either
directly or in complicity with others--some in alliance with outright
anti-Indians bent on the extermination of Indians--just as the government
of Israel has a long history of arming, training and supporting various
fascist regimes some of which included, as in the case of Argentina, Chile,
Equador, Panama, South Africa and other cases, outright nazis and
anti-Semites in their leadership.

We have had our own types of "Kapos" in the boarding/residential schools
who were every-bit as brutal and twisted as those they served who were
running these schools. We have had Indians who have cynically used and
misused the American/Canadian Holocausts to promote the very same types of
forces and ideas that produced those holocausts just as "The Holocaust
Industry" and some elements of the Zionist establishment have promoted
various forms of revisionism and Holocaust denial (not to discuss the
full-dimensions, range of victims and real causes of the nazi Holocaust, or
to deny parallels with other holocausts, or to promote "exclusivism" in
discussing the only some of the victims or groups of victims of the nazi
Holocaust or deny the occurrence of other holocausts is also a form of
Holocaust denial).

We have had reparations designated for victims skimmed-off by an Indian
"aristocracy" just as many Jewish victims of the nazi holocaust were left
destitute while reparations were skimmed-off by a Zionist aristocracy and
"Jewish" aristocracy for "programs" and "institutions" designed for the
power and engrandizement of the few "aristocrats" at the expense of the
very victims they were purporting to serve and represent. We have had
Indians desecrate the very same Indian spirituality they were purporting to
practice and had, instead, commodified for their own profit, just as some
Zionists have desecrated, perverted and commodified Judaism by attempting
to equate Zionism with Judaism and label anyone questioning the origins,
nature and machinations of Zionism as an anti-Semite.

Yes, indeed there are many parallels not only between Indians and
Palestinians, but also between Indians and Jews historically and in the

Jim Craven

Louis Proyect
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