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To repress Palestinian resistance, a senior Israeli officer earlier this
year urged the army to "analyze and internalize the lessons of
how the
German army fought in the Warsaw ghetto." (Haaretz, 25 January 2002, 1
February 2002)  Judging by the recent Israeli carnage in the West Bank -
the targeting of Palestinian ambulances and medical personnel, the
targeting of journalists, the killing of Palestinian children "for sport"
(Chris Hedges, New York Times former Cairo bureau chief), the rounding up,
handcuffing and blindfolding of all Palestinian males between the ages 15
and 50, and affixing of numbers on their wrists, the indiscriminate torture
of Palestinian detainees, the denial of food, water, electricity, and
medical assistance to the Palestinian civilian population, the
indiscriminate air assaults on Palestinian neighborhoods, the use of
Palestinian civilians as human shields, the bulldozing of Palestinian homes
with the occupants huddled inside - it appears that the Israeli army is
following the officer's advice.  Dismissing all criticism as motivated by
anti-Semitism, Elie Wiesel - chief spokesman for the Holocaust Industry -
lent unconditional support to Israel, stressing the "great pain and
anguish" endured by its rampaging army. (Reuters, 11 April; CNN, 14 April)

Meanwhile, the Portuguese Nobel laureate in literature, Jose Saramago,
invoked the "spirit of Auschwitz" in depicting the horrors inflicted by
Israel, while a Belgian parliamentarian avowed that Israel was "making a
concentration camp out of the West Bank." (The Observer, 7 April 2002)
Israelis across the political spectrum recoil in outrage at such
comparisons.  Yet, if Israelis don't want to stand accused of being Nazis
they should simply stop acting like Nazis.


Louis Proyect
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