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At 1:19 PM -0400 4/17/02, Ernie Tate wrote:
>The S.S.P has organized into its ranks most of the political left groupings
>Scotland. One of the achievements celebrated at the conference was the
>incorporation into it two months earlier of the Socialist Workers' Party,
>which had 300 members in Scotland. One of the conditions for inclusion of
>an organization into the party is that there first must be agreement from
>the incoming organization, that while it can promote its own publication
>inside the S.S.P., it will not sell it publicly and will only sell the
>Scottish Socialist Voice. (There was some dissatisfaction expressed by the
>Committee for a Workers International, (C.W.I), better known as the
>Militant tendency with this policy. They stated they would not adhere to
>it. We don't know how the S.S.P is handling this problem.)

It should be noted that this ban on internal tendencies selling their
press in public is a condition not even the Labour Party attempted to
impose on its factions. Moreover, it has been reported that the
International Socialist Movement tendency of the SSP (of which Tommy
Sheridan, Allan McCombs etc are members) does sell its publication,
Frontlines, to the general public.



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