'Che-Leila' Youth Brigades Launched in Occupied Ramallah

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'Che-Leila' Youth Brigades Launched in Occupied Ramallah
"Love the people, serve them and become a part of them"
(Leila Khaled's Autobiography 'My People Shall Live')
Founded in Ramallah, Palestine, April 5th 2002

Why the launch of Che-Leila?
Che-Leila is a non party-affiliated organisation in Britain that will
provide support to the international movements who are fighting imperialism,
which is the source of poverty, hunger, destitution and humiliation in
oppressed peoples' countries. It is unlike any other organisation in Britain
as it seeks to concretely support those civil mass organisations of people
who are seeing to the peoples basic human needs under imperialist
exploitation and oppression. It has been too long in Britain that people
have not been supported because a section of British people have been
corrupted by the same system that they claim to fight. In Ramallah, we are
meeting many peoples organisations who are arrogantly dismissed by these
people in Britain. They are doing revolutionary work, and we as
revolutionaries in the heartland of British Imperialism are duty bound to do
our utmost to support them.

Inspired by the unity in Palestine and the Arab world
In Ramallah we are following the tremendous international support that the
people of occupied Palestine are receiving, especially the Arab youth. We
were very much inspired by the youth of Jordan and Egypt (Cairo University
students are heroically facing batons, water cannons and armoured trucks on
their campus while striking against US and Zionist presence in their

Living through the events in the Northern towns and cities last summer in
Britain, we watched with mixed feelings our Asian youth fighting police and
fascist provocation, a provocation which is always encouraged by the racist
press and the racist Labour government. While seeing the defence of the
Asian community as just, we were pained to see the division amongst the
youth of our two communities - white and black. In Ramallah we are
profoundly inspired by the unity of the 'National and Islamic Forces', where
Islamic, Communist and Secular organisations are all united against a common
enemy - the dark Zionist forces. This has to serve as an example to us in
Britain. This unity, which is being steeled with every martyr and action of
resistance in Palestine and South Lebanon, this is the most potent force
against oppression.

Repression increases, lets increase our resistance!

Che-Leila Youth will never be intimidated!

Youth who have founded Che-Leila have been supporting peoples movements for
several years. Che-Leila activists have been to Cuba, Ireland, Libya,
Algeria, Palestine, Colombia to see and help our people there. Under the
Terrorism Act 2000 we are being criminalised for supporting these movements.
We have no rights under this law. We can be imprisoned and/or fined upto
£2,500 for simply refusing to answer questions. This is unjust and we must
resist unjust laws. This law is also an attack on our own movement for our
rights in this country. Any physical attack on the British infrastructure is
seen as a terrorist action. This means a strike could be seen as a terrorist
action. The brutal attack on leading trade unionist Bob Crow of the Rail and
Maritime Transport Union is a signal from the powers that be that we will be
repressed in defending our rights at work. Che-Leila activists have been
detained and arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000, we are all targets and
must prepare ourselves for the inevitable repressive actions that the
British state will conduct against our peoples in Britain. We must support
people who are against the Terrorism Act and the 'emergency terrorist laws'
that treat foreign nationals even worse than under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Ideological and organisational discipline! Lets Learn!
With increased repression and exploitation the only weapons we have, are
first, understanding, (knowing what you are fighting against and fighting
for), and then organisation so that we can be ready not only for defensive
actions but also positive actions. The unity of these two will make us
unstoppable. We must learn from movements who are showing, IN PRACTICE these

Why the name 'Che -Leila'?
The names comes from Che Guevara and Leila Khaled. Two names which are on
the lips of revolutionary youth around the world. These names we have seen
everywhere in Ramallah and occupied Palestine, on flags, on streets and in
peoples names themselves. Che Guevara is the legendary revolutionary who
fought with Castro in Cuba for freedom and also a great internationalist who
also fought in other parts of Latin America and in Africa against
imperialism. Leila Khaled, living in Jordan today, is probably the most
famous Palestinian revolutionary woman whose 'Che Guevara Unit' conducted
many historic and world shaking actions for the Arab and Palestinian masses.
Che-Leila represents the unity of young men and women against imperialist
oppression and exploitation.

Why 'Youth Brigades'?

Che-Leila Youth Brigades are interested in the practice of understanding,
not in understanding alone. And this is what we have done by coming to
Palestine. We are honoured to stand with the Palestinian people and help
them to defiantly survive the Zionist occupation. We have faced detentions,
arrests, tanks and machine guns from the Zionist army in our efforts to
distribute medicine and food to families who desperately need these
supplies. The Palestinians face torture under arrest, bullets from the guns,
shelling from the tanks, rockets from the Apache helicopters and missiles
from F-16 fighter jets. We think it is true humanitarianism to remove these
obstacles by whatever means the Palestinians see fit, so as to ensure a
decent life for their people.

The Che-Leila Youth Brigades will continue to stand by oppressed people in
practice. We are organising another delegation Palestine right now. We are
also sending delegations to Vietnam in July this year and Zimbabwe after
that, two countries that have shown that racist and imperialist occupations
can be overthrown.

Activities include raising money to send people, but especially raising
money for those people we are visiting. For Palestine over £1000 was raised
in a few weeks and given to mass organisations that see to peoples medical
and nutritional needs.

Between delegations the activity is a process of applying the understanding
we have learnt internationally to our specific circumstances in Britain.
This means study groups, seminars, conferences, cultural events, leafleting
and producing newsletters and magazines, demonstrations and mobilisation of
our people against the imperialist system, and, as we live in Britain,
British Imperialism in particular.

"Love the people, serve them and become a part of them"

(Leila Khaled's Autobiography 'My People Shall Live')

e: che_leila at hotmail.com
Tel: 07776 233370

Che-Leila delegates from Ramallah will be speaking on Thursday, 18th of
April, 7pm at Conway Hall, Red Lion Sq, Holborn.
Other report back meetings arranged so far:

April 27th: Yorkshire, time/venue TBA

May 4th, 7pm: Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton

May 8th, 7pm: Birmingham City Hall

May 9th: Leicester, time/venue TBA (organised by Leicester Stop the War

Also look out for us on the Mayday demonstration and Palestine demonstration
(May 18th) in London.

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