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> There probably have been several other coups in the United States in
> which one President was removed in favor of his Vice President by
> means of assasination or forced resignation. The Lincoln, McKinley,
> and Kennedy assasinations could all have been this kind of inside job
> coup. However, these coups did not change the regime in the United
> States - no institutions were abolished, and - in fact - the
> personnel of the other main instutions of state power - Congress and
> the Supreme Court - were not changed in those presidential
> changeovers, and neither was the military structure.

Comrades would be well advised to stop fearing "sounding outlandish" and be as
radical as many American liberals- who have done us the service of noting whart
has taken place in the upper echelons of the administration of the US. So many
fucking navel gazers are terrified of the implications of the coup we are living
through, you tell them their shit smells like bourgeois democracy. And perhaps
it does, but it isn't the same one as before. Richard Myers got a PROMOTION
after the bombing- the top of the entire military has been reshuffled, the list
goes on and on...

I also recently discovered that a nuclear war fallout plan- where the normal
state disappears and a shadow state that operates in private and underground
without permission and zero accountability- that state took power in September
and October. Now, the little side show between Sharon and Powell is very cute
and certainly it will fill many editorial column inches, no doubt- but it only
makes sense when we see that this is all part of a global coup- whereby the
remnants of a global, co-operative bourgeois order are swept away in favour of
America Über Alles. Water is the Israeli goal, and America needs to dismantle
the entire Mid East situation. They do not want to "save" the Saudi monarchy.
They aren't interested in helping Bashar, nor do they give a fuck about Abdullah
in Jordan either. The Iraq war with the Palestinian genocide are perfect for
doing what they need to do: Provoke the Mid East into becoming one giant,
occupied West Bank.

Yesterday, the Canadian military was swallowed by the coup as well. The Northern
Command forces Canada to nearly double military spending while surrendering the
watch of the land mass of Canada to American generals.

The oil is running out for the global capitalists at the same time as China is
set to double their energy intake. No problem, just eliminate any competitors.

We have won our first victory in this war, even though we weren't neccessarily
aware of what battlefield we were on. If the new leaders of post-Bushie coup (it
would seem, it's more like a Cheney state....) America want a global war over
the oil resources, they need a backup plan. In the post Soviet World, being so
brazen as to topple a "democracy" with a coup in LATAM was not on the usual
table- for appearances sake. But if you are going to attack Iraq while Sharon
carries out a massive genoical attack on a sister Muslim nation you'll need
reserve oil supplies for the duration of the battle- and removing more than
Saddam Hussein will be on deck. Do people seriously believe these mfs give a
dang about any of these client regimes? Maybe- maybe- they will protect Mubarak
as the best of the worst. In the mean time, they needed Venezuelan oil in the
short term so as to double and triple the output from that OPEC country while
they topple Iraq and likely Iran as well...

Go have a look at the legal rights that a citizen has after all the "terror"
bills. They amount to sweet fuck all. We aren't moving to a police state- it de
jure exists, it will crack our heads de facto when we threaten their ambitions.
We are simply sitting around, thus we think nothing happened.

We live under the first global coup.


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