Families scrabble in the dust to find their dead

Marc Rodrigues cuito61 at onebox.com
Fri Apr 19 07:18:19 MDT 2002

When they found the body it was in pieces and so they gathered it all
up out of the rubble, great chunks of blackened, rotting flesh with bits
of bone sticking out, and piled them up on a blanket. The smell made
us retch and stumble away, gasping for clean air. The Palestinians said
the putrefying flesh and bone was Mohammed Massoud Abu Sb'a.

The people of Jenin refugee camp returned to look for their dead yesterday
amid the devastation that the Israeli army had made of their homes. The
destruction was more complete than an earthquake, yet the Israelis have
not allowed in any heavy lifting equipment, so the Palestinians dug out
the bodies with their hands, scrabbling in the dust and heaving away
the broken blocks.

Aid workers and human rights monitors have started to call this ground
zero. The television pictures do not convey the devastation.


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15 April, 2002:  The United Nations Human Rights Commission has condemned
Israel for "gross violations of humanitarian law"... and affirmed the
"legitimate right of Palestinian people to resist".

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