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Fri Apr 19 19:31:21 MDT 2002

Hello Louis.

Thank you for writing and for sending that message to me. It is good
to know that the book is still on sale (I wasn't sure) and that
people are still engaging with it (more important). Humanities Press
never communicated with me about what was happening and I still don't
quite know.

One thing I thought about the Sokal affair was how manifest was the
lack of knowledge of the vast and complex intellectual tradition of
marxism and its analysis of such matters.

It is intersting that you should mention Bukharin. I have been asked
by Monthly Review Press to write an introduction to Philosophical
Arabesques, a long philosophical manuscript written by Bukharin
between the time of his arrest and execution, which only came to
light in the glasnost years. I am turning to that soon, as soon as my
marking is done.

I have just finished transcribing and editing a very long and
interesting interview with Jeremy Cronin of the ANC/SACP. Do you
think that it would be relevant to post the url to your list ? It is


All the best to you.


Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 04/19/2002

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