The Bible Unearthed Was How to survive a pogrom

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Thanks for saying so much, yet, not saying a thing

I once lived with a Jewish standup comedian who doubled as an Aleister
Crowley magus, or so he thought. What happened to the Torah I'd
ask. 'They said I was one of the chosen, but its bunk, so I am making
up for lost time'.  At least proof of spiritual intent.  We used to
talk about the double dangers to jew and gentile both in a progrom and
set about devising a non-virulent strain of kosher antisemitism,
including a list cover slurs, finally settling on 'foolish schlemiel
from Brooklyn', and the old standby, fiddlers on the roof. We agreed
that the problem was intractable, for the antisemite destroys himself
while the antiantisemite can compromise in silence, as now with Jewish
savagery.  And the jew has an unconscious desire for the activity of
the antisemite, especially when threatened by assimilation. Thus the
motives all around become suspect, and in a mad world we could forge
an alliance of secret sanity.  thatWe agreed that while he could hide
in my cellar I could pronounce denatured stereotypes and thus pass
through the antisemitic mob.

So there you have it,  fiddlers on the roof.

Moral: there is no excuse for antisemitism, it is, or should be, a
five minute problem. But it never is. There is no excuse for
antisemitism.  But there is no excuse for getting your arm twisted by
chavinist Judaism in the current crisis. The blood of Jenin is on the
hands of silent liberal Americans who are silenced by these
events. Enough's enough. As things stand now Israel blew it and can
never be anything but a species of ugliness like the American cowboys
and Indians movie syndrome, this being 'american culture'.  There is a
simple answer to the problem, there has been all along.  Yet at each
stage it gets sidestracked and this self-indulgence in 'Israel', and
it is egregious self-indulgence.

The question, and understandable fear of projecting anti-semitism is
preventing the spectrum of liberal even left opinion from properly
commenting on, and restraining the politics of Israel, and the result
has turned into the grotestquerie of self-indulgence now current in
this hopeless case 'disneyland Israel' episode, whose outcome will be
what Americans have to live with, a second rate civilization where
real culture is impossible because it is built on the bones of dead
Indians.  This moment is a crisis, because you have a choice, and the
stupid choice is being consistently enforced by the Sharons, and more,
the fantasy of Biblical Israel.  It is time to consider reality,
e.g. the real history here. As in Silberman and Finkelstein's The
Bible Unearthed, in many ways an excessively fair or fearfully
cautious treatment of the archaeological facts.  You simply cannot be
using Biblical Myth at this point to justify a landgrab. But since
that's just what is happening the result can only be tragedy.

It is also true that the history of Israel is misconceived in secular
philosophies. I recommend a look at my eonic model to see just how
confusing that history is. This model shows the context of ancient
Israel in the Axial Age, so-called. One eyeblink of the phasing enigma
and we get a slew of religions. That type of model can help to see
that while ancient Israel was in a special position, nonetheless this
had nothing whatever to do with God in history or the chosen few
called the Jews. That mysterious period produced several religions in
parallel, plus the Greek Enlightenement, plus a whole host of things.
So there is absolutely nothing special about the Judaic case. If
anything it was the most primitive of all the Axial realizations. Yet
here we are two thousand years later still doing Daffy Duck with this
Axial eyeblink. Come on guys. Jews were supposed to be smart.

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