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Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Sat Apr 20 15:22:30 MDT 2002

>>The African American workers have to be told the same thing as the
Anglo-American workers and all workers: we need a program to fight for our
collective material survival. Concepts of race hurt us.<<

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Excuse me, but you are regaling the list with the most sort of primitive
pseudo "marxism" imaginable. Your position is nonsense.

On the basis that "racism is an ideological construct" like Santa Claus
devoid of any material reality, you dismiss the struggle against the
specific oppression that  Black people (and others).  "As a bourgeois
ideological construct, the term racism  is devoid of any concept of property
relations and classes even when attempts  are made to fuse this term with
the Marxist concept of chauvinism, imperial  power and classes."

I think it is possible for you to say such a thing because you're writing at
such a level of abstraction  that any brush with reality -- and therefore
genuine marxism -- is purely accidental.

Around where I live, they were lynching people for being Black into the
1950's, if you don't count the judicial system. In my state, it is still
possible in the 21st Century to take 18% of the votes in the presidential
elections and just flush them down the toilet cause the county is mostly
Black. If you're Black or Hispanic, you're not going to get to go to certain
schools, live in certain neighborhoods, or get certain jobs. If you're Black
or Hispanic and smoke dope, or even if you don't, you're going to be
declared a criminal and railroaded into prison, even while the judge's and
DA's darling son and daughter light up another joint behind the courthouse
with complete impunity. Racism manifests itself materially and concretely in
each and every sphere of American society.

The idea that "racism" is merely ideological is ridiculously primitive and
sectarian. Racism is a reality. Get off your marxist mount Olympus and take
a look around.

Your attempt to pigeonhole complex social realities, racism is this, the
national and colonial question is that, and so on, is schematic, scholastic,
and completely devoid of a communist spirit. Lenin said it: theory is gray
but life is green. You're trying to fit reality into this platonic schema
that somehow you've convinced yourself has something to do with Marxism,
when Marxism works the other way around: communism is not a theory but a
*movement,* a social product of the development of capitalism.

For what that means in real life, check out the action  a week ago in


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