The Telegraph: "Sharon plans to annex half the West Bank"

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Sun Apr 21 00:37:08 MDT 2002

Sharon plans to annex half the West
Bank, says coalition ally

By Inigo Gilmore in Jerusalem and David Wastell in

(Filed: 21/04/2002)

THE Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon wants to annex up
to half of the West Bank under an unpublished plan for
the Palestinian territories that he is drawing up with close
advisers, a senior minister in his government has told The

The remarks by Ephraim Sneh, the transport minister,
were a strong indication that Mr Sharon wants to see the
creation of a divided and weakened Palestinian entity with
far less land than envisaged under previous peace plans.

"As far as I know, the strategy is to annex
50 per cent of the West Bank [for Israel] and this is
incompatible with a two-state solution. It is not
realistic," said Mr Sneh, a Labour member in
Mr Sharon's coalition government.

Danny Ayalon, a senior Sharon aide, said the prime
minister would wait for a regional peace conference to
discuss his proposals for Palestinian territory.

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