Washington Post report on April 20

jonathan flanders jon_flanders at compuserve.com
Sun Apr 21 08:50:23 MDT 2002

Just got back from the April 20 action. It was a truly inspiring
outpouring, which I am sure the media will minimize.

Despite the presence of all the usual suspects in previous actions, Black
Bloc etc., there was no trouble that I am aware of. I heard a report of
rightwing counter-demonstrators being led away from a potential
confrontation by the police.

I attribute the low-profile police presence to the vast Palestinian
presence. The last thing US corporate interests around the world needed was
images of Palestinians being beaten and teargassed in the streets of
Washington DC.

So we all marched peacefully under the protective banners of our brothers
and sisters from the embattled West Bank and Gaza, surely a historic irony
if there ever was one.

Jon Flanders

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