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Hunterbadbear Strikes again.

What a deeply moving and incredibly well crafted article. No stone is left
unturned in presenting a concise synopsis of the historic motive of European
colonialism up to present day imperial domination of the various Native
peoples and Bands.

I vividly recall my awakening to the plight of the Native peoples at an early
age.  Returning home from elementary school us kids entered the home to find
mother deeply sobbing. We asked what was wrong and mother just shook her head
and cried uncontrollably. When father returned from his stint at Ford Motor
Company we informed him that mother had been crying all day and we had fixed
something to eat and that she would not talk to us. Father made an inquiry as
to what was wrong to no avail.

Several days passed and father finally got to the root of the matter and
became very angry.  All we heard him say is "you can't be reading books like
that because it upset you and then everyone in the goddamn house gets upset."
Mother suggested that father read the book and he read half the book the next
day or so and stated, "I don't read shit like that because I know who 'they'
are already."

After a week or so passed I asked mother what was happening and why a book
would make everyone mad. After all everyone in our home read books as
children and watched very little television, which was dubbed the "idiot box"
and highly censured. Mother went and got the book and told me to go upstairs
and read it and not tell father. I read into the early hours of daylight and
during school hours. At the dinner table - yes all seven of us sat at the
diner table with the smallest sixth children having a little chair and table
set for himself, father must have looked at my face and went into a rage.
"Y'all reading that goddamn book again. Baby the kids to young to be reading
them kind of book. I won't have you doing this to my boys cause they gonna
learn to fight like men."

Father demanded that the book be brought to him immediately and stuffed it
into his back pocket and asked if the teachers were giving me enough homework
and if not for me to "walk your ass to the public library . . . the library
have all the books you need."

Mother was never the same person and both of us changed in the same
direction. Father was an authentic tough guy and "race man," had always been
known as the neighborhood dad, a bully and on occasion fought the police. He
was a veteran of the Philippines, a boxer in the military and the "hardest"
man I have every encountered in life. Every aspect of our lives was organized
on the basis of the production of the industrial product and dad banned the
book from the house forever. Dad was the dictatorship of the proletariat and
there existed no possibility of voting him out of office.

The name of the book was "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" - as you know not
the 1973 incursion. Of the eight members of our family - two children died at
birth, mother and I were the red ones, meaning our skin has an obvious red
hue, although we are African American.  The only other book censured in our
lives - I censured the second book years later, was "100 Years of Lynching."
The next book to change me forever was the "Autobiography of Malcolm X," read
shorting after it was first published.

The plight of the various Native peoples and Bands is indissolubly fused with
the working class movement as a historical movement generated on the basis of
the changes in the mode of production. This is no dry formula but the only
way out.

For me as an individual you describe this new phase in the evolution of the
class struggle when pointing out the dispersal of the Native peoples
throughout the country, the impact of the Casino economy of Native lands and
a certain fusion - not intersect, evolution of elementary class factors and
stratification amongst the Native peoples.  I experienced as witness, some of
this early process during my tour in the South and frequent travel to North
Carolina. There the Native people I interacted with were primarily - not
exclusively, workers at Newport News Ship yard in the early 1980s and relayed
some of the specific issues peculiar to the Native peoples. One such issue
was the census. In history, if one answered they were Native rather than
black or white to a census worker, they could expect to be murdered. The Klan
was still pretty active then.

"How have you been enjoying my country," was a greeting I not only found
delightful, but historically succinct and precise. During this time I also
helped with work on the Leonard Pielter case and ran front-page stories in
the Southern Advocate.

You raise in a very crisp manner the devastating impact of Anglo-American
culture on the Native mind, and in my opinion this most certainly include
that portion of the culture that revolves on the basis of the African
American cultural matrix. Needless to say, the "culture" is enough to drive a
"black man" crazy - and anyone else with a healthy dose of justice in their
heart. The right of self-determination on the part of the non-sovereign
peoples is an intractable issue in the hands of the communist proletariat.
The refusal of the federal government to regulate "its people" instead of
concentrating on the regulation of Native lands is criminal.

One must oppose the historical and current settlers mentality and striving to
take by any means available the land of the Native peoples. Lurking beneath
the surface of the ideological rationale called "racism" is the simple desire
of theft and profit from the corpse of others. The ancient ideological
banner, "the only good Indian is a dead Indian" is no racial statement but
the policy and slogan of imperial theft and murder, buttressed by the
rewarding of land to the murderers. Apparently the baseness of the old slogan
no longer rallies the troops so the new slogan is basically, "push them back"
and "let us rent your land" or "can I put nuclear waste on your land for
money," which merges back to the old slogan, "the only good Indian is a dead
Indian." White chauvinism recedes to the background - it doesn't "go away,"
and Great Nation Chauvinism emerges to the fore saying the same thing.

This issue is sharp and merges with the continuous rape of the Native girls
and women by the settler type if they chose to take one step off of Native
lands. I am not unfamiliar with this issue, although in the center of
imperial power the high density of the proletariat (African Americans) cast
this question somewhat differently. I have never heard of the articulation of
the issues facing Native women as a center of the so-called Women Movement.
Our imperial mentality remains our undoing and robs us of elementary logic
and compassion.

You also raise the issue concerning the imperial mentality of some of "the
friends of the Indians." I am familiar with the type who will - in
all-earnest, fight for you and die fighting for the oppressed, but insist on
directional input and a certain leadership control of the social movement,
instead of the patient work of organizing the social forces to defeat the
social forces the settler types must win over for their continued incursions
against the "oppressed." I am a tan Yankee and communist in the center of the
imperial heartland and repudiate such tactics, strategy and yearning. My work
has to be focused on winning a portion of the forward moving section of the
Anglo-American working class to the cause of proletarian social revolution.
This does not mean neglecting any aspect of the social struggle but fighting
for a political alignment that will allow the communist to raise on a
national level the issue of class interest and halting imperial violence and
aggression based on the strength of the class-conscious proletariat.

The task of the proletariat in respects to the non-sovereign peoples is to
effect their liberation from an alien multi-national state. This will require
some kind of break up of the USNA multi-national state, as it exists as an
instrument of capital rule. This is so because if the non-sovereign possessed
the density and material wherewithal to defeat the imperial incursions they
would not have to "wait" for the proletariat in the imperial country to be
organized to defeat the capitalist.

Heck, if the black masses possessed the density and material wherewithal you
think we would put up with this crap? We would immediately overthrow the
petty bourgeois leaders and imperialist minded amongst us and break the power
of capital. Because our material economic development is fused with that of
the Anglo American working class it is impossible to move any significant
distance ahead of the class. The Native peoples and Bands circumstances are
somewhat different.

What a great article.

Melvin P.

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