Palestinians and American Indians

Sun Apr 21 12:27:27 MDT 2002

>But, as one caller to a syndicated radio program suggested, since
>we're not about to give anything back to the Indians, why should the
>Israelis be expected to return stolen land to the Palestinians?

>Why? Because we live in a different time and place. The U.S.
>government could not massively displace Native Americans now, in a
>time of blanket media coverage, international and civil rights law.
>We would become worldwide pariahs for committing such egregious human
>rights violations against an indigenous population. Fortunately for
>expansionists, such pressures were not at play 150 years ago. America
>is what it is, and now we draw pictures on the wall, set up special
>museums and publish politically correct textbooks to tell the truth
>and lament the sins of our forefathers. Revenues from lucrative
>casinos notwithstanding, many of today's Native Americans struggle
>with poverty, alcoholism, joblessness and other social ills. Attempts
>at reparations have been woefully inadequate.

>At a meeting in Washington, D.C., a pro-Israel conservative once told
>me that the Palestinians just have to accept defeat, because in this
>world, "there are winners and there are losers." In other words, the
>sooner the Palestinians admit that they have lost, the better. Let
>Israel annex the West Bank and Gaza Strip and confine Palestinians to
>reservation-like towns. Eventually, curious onlookers from Israel and
>elsewhere could come to observe the "natives" in their "natural
>habitat," sample their cuisine, maybe volunteer in social service or
>education programs and leave satisfied with themselves.

"Attempts at reparations have been woefully inadequate," because it is not
the class conscious proletariat that dispense the reparations, but rather the
militant bourgeoisie. The epoch of the bourgeoisie and capitalist production
relations has entered an era of qualitative disintegration. Unlike the shocks
and crisis to the capitalist system - called the general crisis of capital in
the last period, we are clearly in another period of history where the
injection of non-mechanical computerized electronic production methods
absolutely undermines and destroys the value of labor and makes the selling
of labor at its cost no longer necessary for the existence of production.

Electronic production is increasingly valueless production and humanity
becomes polarized into basically two classes: proletarian and capitalist.
Within the working class it becomes polarized into a sector more than less
relatively stable and able to make ends meet, and a sector absolutely unable
to sell its labor power at the value of maintenance of labor power. The
author above is no doubt a person of compassion and deplores the escalation
of violence against the Palestinian propertyless masses.

>we live in a different time and place. The U.S.
>government could not massively displace Native Americans now, in a
>time of blanket media coverage, international and civil rights law.
>We would become worldwide pariahs for committing such egregious human
>rights violations against an indigenous population.

We most certainly live in a different time frame, but Marxist cannot this to
the factors in the superstructure, i.e., "time of blanket media coverage,
international and civil rights law." For the past half century our
imperialist has been the spearhead of the world counterrevolution and
disregards all "time of blanket media coverage, international and civil
rights law" when it perceives it vital and strategic interest is at stake.

In the last period of history the only thing that limited the hand of
imperialism was Soviet power and the community of less development countries
aligned into the socialist camp. What limited imperial aggression was the
sure knowledge and understanding that unleashing war against Socialism would
result in the destruction of imperialism because the Red Army had proven it
would fight to the death and use nuclear weapons. Even with a "caricature of
the bourgeoisie" at the head of the Soviet state structure, USNA imperialism
understood that the forces of the Soviet proletariat would be compelled to
overthrow the degenerates in a war against imperialism and use ever means at
its disposal to wipe capital from the face of the earth. This remains the
position of the class-conscious proletariat, even though we have entered a
very dangerous timeframe owing to the loss of our Soviet shock brigade.

The current war in Palestine is a class war of the imperial bourgeoisie
proper against the proletariat proper that is beginning to polarize the
working class in Israel. As long as it was profitable for an imperial people
to maintain the stability of living their daily lives, a large sector of the
working class blocks with the imperialist in the plunder of the non-sovereign
peoples. Great nation chauvinism - in this instance Zionism, is the material
bribery taken to the Israel peoples, that made it possible and profitable to
murder, plunder and take the land of the non-sovereign peoples and engage in
an orgy of violence. The imperial peoples always instinctively understand
that the historic rise in their standard of living is inexplicably fused with
the murder and plunder of the non-sovereign peoples. Such murder and plunder
today cannot produce a rise in the standard of living of the imperial peoples
because capital has entered its final stage of decay. We are in the first
phase of the process of the world historic polarization of the planetary

No power on earth can halt the polarization of the working class in every
country into an increasingly vast sea of poverty stricken laborers unable to
sell their labor power for an amount of values to reproduce human labor. The
national-colonial question has morphed - traveled the inevitable dialectic of
social transformation, and no longer exhibit the same features of the last

Melvin P.

Part 2

During the time of Lenin and the Great Stalin - whose historic error was not
further cleansing the Soviet state and party of degenerates and careerist,
the national-colonial question presented itself as a planetary battle to win
the reserves of imperialism - the rear, to the case of communism and public
property relations. At that time the  "reserves of imperialism - the rear,"
consisted of the middle strata, which was characterized, in its class
composition as a mass, - hoard if you will, of humanity chained to the land
and trapped in small-scale commodity production.

Even then, the October revolution had put an end to the old bourgeois
movement of national liberation and inaugurated an era of socialist
revolution. This meant that the perspective of the communist had to undergo
transition from viewing the capitalist as the guardian of the development of
the industrial infrastructure and fighting along an alignment for the
proletariat in power to carry out this historical process.

During the next phase of the national colonial revolt imperialism sought to
defeat the closed colonial structure and grant independence to the
non-sovereign peoples as a basis for the further quantitative expansion of
finance capital, while the communist aligned with Soviet power and the world
proletarian shock brigade fought to exist the capitalist sector of earth. The
various movements of Liberation surged forward and the communist fought from
the standpoint of the historic liquidation of all forms of capital based on
the various stages of the quantitative expansion of the industrial
infrastructure. The middle was revolutionized on the basis of the
mechanization of agriculture and the transformation of small-scale production
into large-scale capitalist latifundia.

During this period of history the two paths of development in the colonial
world were available - the capitalist and the socialist. The petty bourgeois
cowards and what became called the "national bourgeoisie" in the colonial
world invented a "new path" neither capitalist or socialist and created its
ideological form and structure: thus arose the ideology of the "Third World,"
championed by the late Nassar and merging with the petty bourgeois ideologist
in the imperial countries. This alignment was not purely subjective but arose
on the basis of the material bribery of the imperial peoples and the failure
to consolidate a sector of the lowest paid proletariat into a political form.
 During this time frame the leaders of the national colonial revolts in the
imperial multi-national states who understood this trap were struck down one
after another - the blade, boot and the bullet. The colonial states were
successfully driven into neo-colonial, formation and then interactive
financial fusion within the world market.

With the so-called  "rear" secured, the prelude to the overthrown of the
Soviet state structure was to first defeat the communist in the imperial
countries. In our country the die was case with the meeting with Roosevelt -
not Stalin's meetings but Earl Browder, General Secretary of the Communist
Party USA. The party in the South was liquidated in violation to the party
program in 1949; the party was to be converted into an association of
intellectuals and this mu**erfucker had the nerve to call "Communism 20th
Century Americanism"  - at a time when they were hanging a nigga out to dry.
These southern organizations had tons of white southern workers who don't act
like Yankees but that another story. See, all those nice clean theories and
ideological purity and other bullshit, I ain't a player for. Liberate my ass
from being proletariat and all the race games and theory of racism ain't go
do nothing but send your ass to the hospital ward.  Man I am tired of this

Look here man, don't help me as an oppressed motherfu**er; get capital off my
ass.  You see where I'm coming from?  Save the whales or something but leave
my skin and me the f*ck along and liberate my ass as proletariat. Let me
break this down a bit. I am not trying to be equal to a mutherfucker doing
that "9 to 5" - credit card, mortgage, buying a bunch of shit you don't need
thing. Give me a flat to live in, a good woman and a fruit tree and all this
other shit you call important is for you - not me. If you deeply feel animal
passion about my black ass being fucked up than liberate the status of my
labor so that I can do 2 hours a day of something and get on with my life. If
communism means I can't hang out with the girls who are not longer oppressed
by ignorant muth**fuckers - then fuck you and the great social revolution.

Anyhow the last phase of the national-colonial question the communist got
defeated and the Soviet state was overthrown and the radical petty
bourgeoisie started pointing an accusing finger and said anyone that speaks
against "Third Worldism" was reactionary. Ain't a third anything.  Ain't no
"one divides into two shit" either.  Contradictions are internal to a process
and polarization is what's up.  We communist got fucked up and beat up and
lost. OK? "They" - the radical petty bourgeoisie, led everybody to defeat and
now the communist - Bolsheviks, are being reconstituted on a class basis. I'm
taking the hard line because that is what the imperialist is taking and this
demands clarity about the dialectics of development no mater how a person
articulates that subject. Now George Jackson said, "by the time this thing is
over I might not be a very nice person." See what I'm saying?

Joe Freemen

Our current phase has to be based on an extrapolation of the qualitative
changes n the production process that indicates a leap to another mode of
production.  A leap is of course a process - an abrupt change, in the
directional laws that alter old processes or the transition to another law
system. It still surprises me that several comrades approach the social
revolution and national-colonial question as if it was 1950 and not 2001. I
must confess that I was not in the vanguard of the communist - the advanced
of the advanced, which grasped the qualitative changes in production - as it
occurred, and what it meant for the social struggle. For many years I remain
with the Black Workers Congress concept because it was the highest form of
class organization in the reform movement called the Civil Rights Movement.
To be exact it took me five years - 60 months, to catch up. Then it took
another two years - 24 months, to more than less accurately describe the

This new phase of the national colonial question finds the historic "middle"
in absolute decay and decline. In the world today - look at Peoples China,
there is a property proletarian mass, divorced from the land for a generation
or more and capitalist. Has not the inconceivable more than less occurred?
Not intersection but fusion of the national-colonial question - more than
less, with the question of the proletarian revolution and the abolition of
all forms of capital.

There are exceptions but even the case of the Native peoples and Bands in
America is rapidly - more than less, becoming the question of the standpoint
of the proletariat. On the Casino's on Native lands the workers want unions.
These administrators - not a real bourgeoisie, have their hands full of class
issues.   The Native peoples and Bands as a whole have never really
surrendered to the capitalist exchange value ideology and still are guided by
an ideological conception of the dominance of use-value production.

Yet this is more proof that we have entered another phase in the
national-colonial question, which is a question of the overthrow of all forms
of capital. The Palestine Question is radically different from the "Indian
Question" and the issue of the Native Peoples and Bands is intractable and
not regulated to the museum.  The Native Peoples and Bands is the sharpest
expression and most antagonistic national-colonial question within the USNA
imperial multi-national state.

Melvin P.

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