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Mon Apr 22 07:10:26 MDT 2002

(I wrote Biel a note applauding his "New Imperialism", whose preface refers
to another book written by him in 1987 titled "Eurocentrism and Communism",
a topic that obviously is of great importance to me. I inquired if that
book was available anywhere. This was his reply.)

Dear Louis,

Thanks so much for your note.  It's great to hear your favourable
appreciation of The New Imperialism, and I'll be extremely interested to
hear any comments when you have the opportunity.  Let's keep in touch about

Now, about Eurocentrism: the book was produced in a duplicated form in 1987
and was distributed by the Political Economy Study Group.  It set out to
confront the left's historic failure to confront the issue of racism and
the extent to which (because of this failure) elements of racism thereby
came to be embedded within the left.  I envisaged it as preparing the
groundwork for the project which eventually became The New Imperialism. Run
off on a duplicator, Eurocentrism never had an ISBN number, but we did
distribute several hundred copies, some of which found their way to the
States, but I wonder where they are now.  There are no copies of the
original version left; actually, I don't even have a copy myself, though
there's probably one in a box somewhere.   The positive thing, though, is
that we did get it transferred onto disc several years ago.  Recently, the
US group Freedom Road Socialist Organisation asked me if they could
re-publish it, and for this purpose I prepared a new, revised edition.  The
text is now with them, and I think the plan is to publish it free on the
web, with some printed copies also available.  As far as I have been told,
this should happen fairly soon, but I suspect it may have been delayed by
the fraught international situation of the last few months.  I will chase
them up about it, and let you know when I have some definite information.
Anyway, stay in touch, I was really glad to hear from you.

Till then ...

Warmest regards,

Robert Biel

Louis Proyect
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