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Could anyone who knows about Italian politics comment on this article?  It
feels wrong.


>From Green Left Weekly, April 24, 2002.

ITALY: Communist Party adopts radical left turn

RIMINI - Since it was launched in 1991 by opponents of the dissolution of
the old Italian Communist Party (PCI), Italy's Party of Communist
Refoundation (PRC) has not only kept the communist name alive in national
politics, but has become steadily more radical.

It has drawn into its ranks nearly all the former organisations of the
Italian radical left, it twice dumped MPs who refused to vote against the
neo-liberal policies of "centre-left" governments, and most recently plunged
into building the movements against neo-liberal globalisation and the
Thatcherite policies of the Italian government of media billionaire Silvio

Despite this trajectory, only now, after its fifth congress (held here April
4-7), has the PRC developed a "genetic code" that breaks the link with its
Stalinist parent's cautious long-term parliamentary reformism and culture of
purely symbolic mass rallies and annual party festivals.

The consolidated form of the PRC's mutation is still far from settled.
However, at Rimini the PRC voted to "refound" itself once again, this time
as an explicitly anti-Stalinist party which "builds social conflict" and
"acts politically for the construction of an alternative left on the social,
cultural and political levels".

There is no doubt as to the radicality of the turn and the urgency of the
political message. In his opening address, PRC national secretary Fausto
Bertinotti called on delegates to rethink the process of political change in
Italy, "because we see the need for [revolution] when we look at the crisis
of civilisation... and we see its possibility given the birth of a movement
that aspires to a different future".

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