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>From Green Left Weekly, April 24, 2002.

NEW ZEALAND: Anderton splits from Alliance party

On April 3, New Zealand Alliance party leader and deputy prime minister Jim
Anderton announced that he and Alliance deputy leader Sandra Lee would not
stand under the Alliance banner in New Zealand's national elections, due in
November this year.

On the same day, the Democratic Party (formerly known as the Social Credit
Party) announced that it too would leave the Alliance.

The Alliance, formed in the 1980s by left critics of Labour's neo-liberal
economic agenda, is today the junior partner in a coalition government with
the Labour Party.

Anderton said that, in May, he will announce details of the new party he
will form for the elections.

Although his new party doesn't yet have a name, Anderton says that it will
be a voice for "employment, innovation and strong local communities". It is
likely to be heavily dependent on the Democratic Party, which claims 1800
financial members.

Anderton's announcement has resulted in a cold split among the Alliance MPs.
Six of the 10 Alliance MPs have thrown their lot in with Anderton, leaving
only three who remain loyal to the Alliance - Laila Harre, Willie Jackson
and Liz Gordon.

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