Josh jsbach at
Mon Apr 22 09:09:44 MDT 2002

alex locascio wrote:
> After Le Pen, Us, eh comrade?  Trotsky must've looked like a raving,
combative loon next to the "comparatively sober" German CP.

i don't think the situation is at all comparable, i don't think there is a
real "fascist threat" in france.  one fascist man sitting on top of the
bourgeois democratic state is not fascism, and does not even create the
threat of fascism; to think so is to have illusions in the power of
individuals.  a mass fascist movement taking power and being co-opted into
the police, army, etc, is something much different than this. in 1932 hitler
already had half a million stormtroopers and other mass organizations, ready
to sweep away the workers' mov't, those are what trotsky was concerned
about, that's why the slogan "first hitler, then us" was so ridiculous.
here we have two right-wingers running against each other and i think LO and
LCR's positions are correct.

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