Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Apr 22 12:55:39 MDT 2002

I do think that the world situation is becoming more polarized again
with a nascent re-realization of irreconcilable underlying class
This is stimulated by globalism/neoliberal imperialism.
But reaction grows abreast. Nationalism is cresting in Europe as
elsewhere. The umma in India is on the run from the BJP-encouraged Hindu
nationalists, who burn Muslims by the hundreds more than is suffered in
Palestine even.  Rape and then murder of Muslim women by Hindu mobs has
been recorded so many times and so consistently over great areas of
Gujarat that it is accepted to be programmatic.  This will heighten the
defensive retaliation of the umma worldwide.  When religious
fundamentalism join hands with nationalist reaction, war must be
immanent.  Only socialism can save humanity from this holy hell.  The
capitalists know it and thus promote any means to prevent their
expropriation by the masses, including the irritation of religious and
nationalist passions.

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