Derek Seidman derektheredrebel at
Mon Apr 22 18:32:37 MDT 2002

Right on Mike. I pretty much agree with all of what
you said. My questions for you and folks on the list
are these:

1. Is it really that case that Le Pen is simply a
really right right-winger without much of a base that,
as Mike said, is willing to do the dirty work and
smash the Left? I'm from the US, and what immediatly
comes to mind when thinking anout this stuff is the
LaRouche group. My experiences with them show me that
they're a very confrontational group that incites
violence and wouldn't shy away from trying to smash
their opposition. They seem like "thugs" in a lot of
ways that the base of the National Socialists were.
Now, if it is the case that Le Pen has a group like
this on a much larger scale, it seems that would be
cause for alarm, especially if he is progressively
getting more and more support. So, what is Le Pen's
group like? Is it a sort of bigger version of the
LaRouche people? Is is really just a very rightwing
group, or is there more call for alarm?

2. If 17% of Americans started voting for LaRouche (or
Buchanan I guess), I'd be alarmed, even if it was just
a vote total. It would signal a big shift in the
American public's political trajectory. For one
reason, it would signal that they were taking a more
active position on things; it is easy to passively go
through the routine for this years Democrat or
Republican, but for a fifth of voters to go for a much
more blatant and aggressive group that concentrates on
right-wing grass roots activity seems to me to be an
important indicator that the political situation is
beginning to shift. And there is always the question:
if it is beginning to shift, then what to do to nip it
in the butt before a scratch turns to gangrene,
especially when we have an incredibly fragmented Left

By the way, I really don't know much at all about the
LaRouche group-- maybe I'm mischaracterizing them...

In solidarity,

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