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Personally I think that we cannot compare the current
> situation in France to that of Germany in the 1930s. Hitler's strength did
> not lie in his vote totals but in the hundreds of thousands of brownshirts
> that were willing to smash the workers and their organizations.

This is exactly right. There is no doubt that Le Pen is a nut job, but the
outgrowth of attacks on his victory gives way too much credit to the nuts in
power now. Fascism (meaning the stuff like Le Pen or Haider that identifies with
historical Fascism) will not come around anywhere in the Western "democracies"
fully outfitted with the bells and whistles of the thirties. It comes in acts
like the Patriot Act and Bill 36 here, and Berlusconi's grab for the media in

The difference between Le Pen and Chirac is negligable, rhetoric spouted aside.
Fascism needs a new definition,or people need to drop the category entirely. It
has become the safety valve for the bourgeois propaganda machine globally inside
the imperialist heartland- it makes the "normal" bourgeois state "seem better",
and reduces militance by virtue of the "we're not like that" babble all over the

"Real" Fascism- the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary sections
of finance capital (Dmitrov)-- would be a massive liability currently.

While conceding that I would be joining my brothers and sisters in the streets
of Paris right now were I there, it is of the deepest sadness I feel watching
them rise for this little wingnut (who hasn't a prayer in the run-off, we know
that) and leaving their imperialist state to the murderers who run it now.

The thirties and all of the "theorising" that went on then are a poison now. If
you take away Le Pen and his more revealing remarks and just leave his proposed
policies, he's no different than the Canadian Alliance, the Republican Party
(which are both loaded with Nazi-symps and fascists) or the CDU in Germany. When
these twerps and their ilk put together roving gangs of thugs for part of their
"revolution" instead of barking the same shit but as honestly as their
opponents, then I'll agree to take em on in any form it takes. Until that day,
I'll focus on todays mass murderers who have real power and absolutely no
problem about using it with as many dead as needed. The ones who speak about
democracy (falsely, of course) are the real enemies of humanity, far more so
than these silly, pointless throwbacks to another time.

Exactly how many countries around the world do these "fascists" have bases in?
It's several hundred for the democrats.

The thing is, that fascism of the 30's variety threatens our imperial country
comfort- but the monsters in power threaten the very existence of the livable
planet and daily torment 85% of humanity. And when some uncouth, wannabee
imperialist  punk like Le Pen shows up, all of the sudden people get very
outraged. If you want outrage, you don't need to look backwards in history.


Incidentally, what are the roving Israeli militia groups in Settler occupied
Palestine if not Blackshirts?

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