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On Mon, 22 Apr 2002 19:58:20 -0700, Macdonald Stainsby wrote:
>This is exactly right. There is no doubt that Le
>Pen is a nut job, but the outgrowth of attacks
>on his victory gives way too much credit to the
>nuts in power now. Fascism (meaning the stuff
>like Le Pen or Haider that identifies with
>historical Fascism) will not come around
>anywhere in the Western "democracies" fully
>outfitted with the bells and whistles of the

To put democracies in scare quotes assumes that there really was
democracy at some point. Although I can't speak for Canada, we have
had nothing but extra-parliamentary repression since 1945, the year
of my birth. Until 1955 at least, you could go to jail for promoting
communist ideas. In the south, you had the KKK and White Citizens
Councils. Blacks could not vote. When they attempted to organize
registration drives, they were shot down. The forces of repression in
the south were headed up by Democratic Party officials. After the war
in Vietnam and the black nationalist revolt began, the government
unleashed Cointelpro. People like Carl Hampton were killed in their
beds. George Wallace ran for president in 1968 on a violent racist
platform. He was far more popular than Le Pen. In the 1970s, things
relaxed a little after the war ended and after black militancy died
down, but they heated up again in the 1980s. The FBI targeted CISPES
and my own organization Tecnica was charged with aiding an espionage
ring in league with Cuba.

All in a days work for bourgeois democracy. When real fascism raises
its head, it will be a response to a radicalized working class. When
that day arrives, most of us--like Nestor--will have little time for

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