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> All in a days work for bourgeois democracy. When real fascism raises
> its head, it will be a response to a radicalized working class. When
> that day arrives, most of us--like Nestor--will have little time for
> email.

A bourgeois state- facist or otherwise-- divides and conquers people through the
extention of certain privileges that are not at all of their own making, and
often not even their own consciousness. With the current sweep of Muslims in
Nirth America, the rise of these dangerous racists who smile and hug Arabs
inside the security state (etc.), we should already be at the point where we
have no time on email. Yet, we see a striking similarity between the attitudes
of today and before this massive backlash that is coming now. They will not do
it all at once, but are doing it piecemeal, bit by bit.

Hitler and the 30's fascists did everythingvery legally. So are the rulers of
today's group of imperialists. The fact the radical continues in the heartland
to do very little but talk about definitions of this or that rather than the
objective results, level of repression, etc. is a statement not of how `normal'
things are under electoral dictatorship- but simply our own unwillingness to
really chomp on what is happening. People are watching the whole planet get
ready to burn and no one wants to do anything other than define "fire".

Small wonder there is no radical movement of the working class when those who
say they would be the Vanguard do nothing but tell people to relax their
vigilance and get ready for the next election. Who knows? Maybe Nader will get
5% after all.


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