America used Islamists to arm the Bosnian Muslims

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Tue Apr 23 05:11:21 MDT 2002

OK, this is a 'dog bites man' story for the subscribers of this list, but
still important to get the proof...

>From the British Guardian:

America used Islamists to arm the Bosnian Muslims
The Srebrenica report reveals the Pentagon's role in a dirty war
Richard J Aldrich
Monday April 22, 2002

The official Dutch inquiry into the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, released last
week, contains one of the most sensational reports on western intelligence
ever published. Officials have been staggered by its findings and the Dutch
government has resigned. One of its many volumes is devoted to clandestine
activities during the Bosnian war of the early 1990s. For five years,
Professor Cees Wiebes of Amsterdam University has had unrestricted access to
Dutch intelligence files and has stalked the corridors of secret service
headquarters in western capitals, as well as in Bosnia, asking questions.
His findings are set out in "Intelligence and the war in Bosnia, 1992-1995".
It includes remarkable material on covert operations, signals interception,
human agents and double-crossing by dozens of agencies in one of dirtiest
wars of the new world disorder. Now we have the full story of the secret
alliance between the Pentagon and radical Islamist groups from the Middle
East designed to assist the Bosnian Muslims - some of the same groups that
the Pentagon is now fighting in "the war against terrorism". Pentagon
operations in Bosnia have delivered their own "blowback".

Full text:,2763,688327,00.html

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